Power Products Plus, Inc.

Liberator® - Low Maintenance Batteries

Liberator batteries give you the freedom to choose the best level of power, performance, and reduced maintenance for your medium to heavy-duty lift truck applications.

Liberator Batteries Are:

  • Designed to deliver consistent, reliable power using round tubular positive plate technology
  • Designed to achieve 1800 cycles when operated to 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD)
  • Designed with a low antimony positive grid to minimize gassing during charging
  • Able to achieve a 45-day or 90-day watering interval (depending on the type of SCR charger used)
  • Available in three different model options to meet a variety of customer requirements from low cost to minimum maintenance
  • Available in 85, 100, and 125 Ahr positive plate sizes that result in battery heights of 22.63", 25.63", and 30.5", respectively

    Multiple Options To Suit Your Need

  • Standard – lowest cost for locations with dedicated battery managers, 45-day watering interval with the use of any SCR charger with an I-E-I profile or 90-day watering interval with the use of a GNB SCR200 charger with the advanced I-W-P charging profile
  • Gold – Standard Option plus an electrolyte level sensor and a single point watering kit suitable for most water supply pressures; greatly reduces battery watering time
  • Platinum – Gold Option plus a maintenance package that includes watering*, an annual battery inspection, cleaning, and routine maintenance adjustments. A cost effective option for locations that don't want to worry about battery maintenance

    *Number of waterings depends upon charger type and battery usage.