Power Products Plus, Inc.

GNB Fusion™ Chargers

The GNB Fusion™ line of fast chargers is specifically designed to meet the growing fast changing demand of motive power batteries. The new chargers feature the first and only modular design that allows for high availability, greater flexibility, and simpler installation and service. The modular design offers greater flexibility and scalability to build and expand any fast charger system, redundancy which ensures continued operation with a drawer failure, and above all the lowest downtime and fastest service time.

Flexibility and Scalability

  • The GNB FUSION™ fast chargers feature a modular drawer design utilizing a 10kW base drawer unit. As a result, fast charging systems ranging from 10kW-30kW to be easily configured. In addition, the GNB FUSION™ fast chargers can be easily expanded/upgraded by adding additional drawers. .

Redundancy and High Availability

  • One of the main benefits that a modular design offers is redundancy. The GNB FUSION™ modular design ensures continued operation down to the last drawer (multi-drawer system). This entails high availability as the charger will continue to operate with the remaining drawers ensuring the battery and tuck are still operational.

Highly Intelligent User Interface with Advanced Programmability

  • The GNB FUSION™ fast chargers utilize the latest software and hardware microprocessor technologies and are the first to allow programmability via Palm hand held devices. All charger settings and features can be easily programmed via a Palm PDA. End users can easily customize the charger operation to fit their needs with the push of a button.