Power Products Plus, Inc.

GNB Fusion™ Batteries

The GNB Fusion™ line of fast batteries are specifically designed to meet the high energy demands of fast charging.

Features and Benefits:

Rugged Flooded Flat Plate Technology

  • Proven, economical flooded flat plate lead-acid design allows the battery to handle the high current demands of fast charging.

Available in Non-vented or Vented Trays

  • Although non-vented trays have been shown to adequately dissipate the heat generated during the majority of fast charging applications, vented trays are available and may be justified for those customers who have more demanding applications.

Heavy-duty Burn-on Intercell Connectors and Cable Termination Lead Heads

  • Enhanced connectors and lead heads provide for better conductivity and lower heat generation than those used on standard lead-acid batteries.

Single or Double Cables with SBX or Euro Connectors

  • When required for higher Ampere-hour capacity batteries, more conductor cross-sectional area helps to carry the higher current of fast charging for increased charge acceptance and reduced heat generation.

Each battery includes BFS Single Point Watering Kit and Battery Monitoring Unit

  • A watering kit makes it easier to add water consistently to each of the battery cells and eliminates the need to remove the battery from the lift truck for water addition.
  • A battery monitoring unit is essential for monitoring critical battery parameters during the fast charging process and for tracking and recording battery usage to aid in determining replacement time.